SkillSearch is a meeting place where people living in South Africa can list their skills and talents for hire to other people who need their services. This service is part of the package we offer to people who subscribe to our Profits4Us Community Assist Program (C.A.P.).

Everyone has natural talents or skills they have learned, that other people don't have. And somewhere, sometime, someone will need your skills to do a job of work for them, eg: fix their tv or washing machine, do their books, design a logo, proofread a document, clean their home or install a new fuel pump on their car.

You may have a tool or machine you can hire out to people in your local vicinity, eg: a pipe bender, a high-pressure hose or an engine hoist, and earn some money from it, instead of it gathering dust in a cupboard or in the garage. Or you could read to a blind person, teach someone to swim, drive someone to the shops, walk someone’s dog for an hour 3 times a week, make jam or jewellery, knit fun cosies for beer bottles, clean homes, iron clothes, tend gardens or hire out your bakkie with you as the driver!

SkillSearch is for everyone, employed or unemployed, because everyone needs extra cash. And what better way to earn it, than by doing something you are experienced at? You don’t have to step outside your comfort zone!

In particular, we encourage disabled and elderly people to list their skills for work that they can do from home, if they are unable to find gainful employment.
Many disabled people are highly skilled in one or more subjects, and all elderly people have a lifetime of experience in something that has sustained them throughout their lives. If they are struggling to come out on their pensions, now they can promote those skills and talents on our SkillStore, to generate much needed income for themselves. And they will earn a residual monthly income when they invite others to join Profits4Us and SkillSearch.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from joining Profits4Us and SkillSearch, or organisations or churches that help people find work, please introduce them to us.


Terms of Service.

This is not just a whole lot of legal mumbo-jumbo. It contains important information about how to use this site, how to conduct yourself, what you can and cannot list, and more. Please read it thoroughly before you continue. It really is important that you understand how the system works. Click on "Terms of Service" under "Important Information" on the right.


Also read the FAQ and the How SkillSearch Works pages in the Main Menu. The Testimonials page will help you decide on which seller to choose, based on location, quality of service, delivery time and price.


How to Register.

Registration is FREE for everyone: buyers, private sellers and business sellers.
Skills listings are also free for private and business sellers. Private sellers can subscribe to the Profits4Us Community Assist Program as Salespeople or higher from as little as R50 per month. This gives them up to 5 listings in our SkillStore in 2 Categories per listing.
Business sellers must register as Sales Managers for R200 pm or higher. This gives them up to 20 listings in our SkillStore. 

Profits4Us charges a small fee for writing and editing your listings, and for advertising. This small monthly fee helps us cover the cost of maintaining these sites. It is a fraction of what you would pay for a magazine or newspaper ad, and with SkillSearch you get a LOT more space, you can have multiple images and even a video, and you have 24/7 exposure! (See Pricing).
We also promote your listings by email and on all social media sites.
You should, too!
The more people we both tell about your skills, the more business you will get!

When you register with Profits4Us, we will register you in SkillSearch as part of your package. 

The “SkillSearch” web site is where you learn about the business, request jobs, fill in forms and do other communications.

“SkillStore” is where you can browse for Jobs being offered, or login to list your Jobs. Once you verify your email address (check your spam folder), you can login in the right sidebar, to list or buy Jobs.

Don't see what you are looking for? Click 'Request a Job' in the Forms Menu on the right to let us know the skill/s that you are looking for, and we will find someone able to provide those services.
Then come back and place an order on that Job page!

Private sellers can list up to 5 Jobs for free, depending on their status level in Profits4Us.
Use the “Swimming Lessons” example as your template, to see how it’s done.
Always write your name at the bottom of your description.
List 1 Job per Job page.
Choose up to 2 categories per listing for free. Email your text and pics to me and we’ll create your Job page for you.

Please make sure you spend some time reading our Terms of Service and How SkillSearch Works thoroughly before you enter the store!

We want you to learn everything you need to know about listing skills, requesting skills or placing orders BEFORE you enter the SkillStore. This site is like the ante-room to the actual store. By reading the information provided, many mistakes and unnecessary emails can be avoided.



If you are a buyer, please give testimonials (Reviews) about the service you receive, whether good or bad. This will bring more business to honest and reliable sellers, and could protect other buyers from unscrupulous sellers (who will end up being delisted and banned).
Positive testimonials and reviews will elevate the status of sellers to Advanced and Top Rated levels, with greater benefits for both buyers and sellers.



SkillSearch is free to join as part of your Profits4Us monthly subscription. To see our fees for our additional services and advertising, please click on the Pricing tab. SkillSearch charges low fees to encourage more buyers and sellers to register and list with us. Our additional services will draw more attention to your skills and will bring you more customers, and will help keep our "Completed Job" commissions low. Make use of our special features and get a LOT more business, eg: from our "Meet the Sellers" carousel (see example below). Click on "How SkillSearch Works" for more information.

Build your database, build your reputation, then maintain it and PROSPER!


NOTE! SkillSearch is for selling skills and talents only, not products. If you have products to sell and you want your own online store, we will rent you shopping cart software (like the SkillStore site. Many different templates are also available). If you only have a few products and you don't need your own store, you can list your products for sale for a small fee in
For more information on OurStore, OurMall, OurDirectory and the Profits4Us Income Plan, go to  



We have created the SkillSearch and SkillStore web sites for YOU, so please be honest, have integrity in your dealings with us and with your buyers, and you will continue to make money with us far into the future. When using the forum, don't be rude or abusive, don't get personal just because someone has a different opinion to yours, and stick to the subject at hand. Dishonest, disrespectful, unethical and unscrupulous users WILL be removed from the system, and they will be blocked from returning.